Who We Are:

Beau to Beau Books is an e-book and print publisher of both homosexual and heterosexual fictional stories and nonfictional works including novels, novellas, short fiction, anthologies, and others.  Originally begun as homosexual fiction, Beau to Beau Books now

now includes heterosexual fiction and nonfiction, any and all forms of GLBT fiction and nonfiction, as well as works which are not necessarily categorized as either, such as horror, westerns, mystery, suspense, fantasy, science fiction, etc., etc.  Submissions are always welcome.

We do not offer advances; however, we do pay royalties on sales from our distributors approximately 30 days after the end of each quarter.  Beau to Beau Books pays 50% net on royalties earned for e-book and paperback sales.

For a sample contract, feel free to email us at

Before reading further, if you would like to become your own publisher of e-books, it is not difficult to do so.  With a little time and the spirit of an entrepreneur, you can start your own on-line business, whether it be e-books or another passion.  If your passion is writing, you can very easily place your own works in any or all of the distribution outlets listed below.  If you would like a detailed "How-To" summary of how this can be accomplished, please e-mail us at   

For Our Authors:

Beau to Beau Books provides the following services to authors:

  • Cover Art
  • Editing and Proofreading
  • ISBN for your book
  • Inclusion in any and all Marketing Campaigns
  • Distribution to on-line eBookstores

The above services are at no cost to the author.


Beau to Beau Books distributes books to the following:

  • The Apple iBookstores
  • Barnes & Noble
  • The Amazon Kindle Stores
  • Coffeetime Romance
  • BookStrand
  • OmniLit ebooks
  • All Romance ebooks
  • Google Play
  • Rainbow ebooks (if applicable)
  • Sony Reader Store
  • Kobo ebooks

Print Books are available from Amazon.

Our Standards:

Beau to Beau Books accepts GLBT and heterosexual literature, including but not limited to romance, erotic romance, historical romance, historical erotic romance, erotica, humor, mystery, suspense, action, adventure, drama, paranormal, fantasy, etc., fiction and nonfiction including memoirs, in the form of short stories and novel length works. 

We have a few exclusions:

Absolutely no:

Pedophilia.  Specifically, sexual interaction between adults and under aged characters.

Necrophilia.  Specifically, sexual interaction between characters and corpses. (Undead is fine; i.e. vampires)




  • CONTEMPORARY – modern day stories with strong characters
  • ROMANCE and EROTIC ROMANCE - m/m or m/f; bisexual; menage
  • EROTICA - m/m or m/f; bisexual; menage
  • SOCIAL ISSUES – fictional and non-fictional stories which address social issues
  • HISTORICAL – love stories dating back in time which remain within the same era (no time travel).
  • WESTERNS – cowboys, ranchers, and Native Americans, etc.
  • HOLIDAY STORIES – Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas (and/or other religious celebrations)
  • HUMOR - stories which include a great amount of tasteful humor
  • DRAMA - stories which may or may not include romance; i.e., political, police, suspense, as well as others
  • MYSTERY - crime (solved and unsolved; suspect is usually unknown)
  • NONFICTION - Examples would be "coming out stories", "abuse stories", "memoirs", as well as others.

    The above list is by no means exhaustive.  Feel free to query us regarding any category not listed above.


Minimal length – 10,000 words

Maximum length – none

Submitting a Proposal:

Unsolicited manuscripts are accepted at any time via electronic file.  No hard copies or printed manuscripts accepted.

We request that you submit your proposal with the following criteria:


  • Your legal name and pen name, if applicable
  • Working Title, including Series name, if applicable
  • Completion status
  • Word count (estimated or expected word count if not completed)
  • Genre(s) as listed above please indicate GLBT or male/female, fiction or nonfiction
  • A short summary providing an overall summary of the story, characters, major events, climax and conclusion.  Please limit your summary to a maximum of three paragraphs.


  • You will receive your submission acknowledgment via email within four days.
  • Current submission read time is approximately one week.
  • Upon review, we may request more than the partial manuscript for the preliminary evaluation.
  • A complete manuscript will be required before a contract is offered.
  • All contracts are electronically exchanged via email or snail mail (postal service).

These Submission Guidelines are subject to change without notice.


Thank you for your interest in Beau to Beau Books.  Our e-mail address is